Miwatari Daiginjo Extrême (Fizzy Unfiltered Daiginjo)

Nouvelle Vague: Miwatari Daiginjo Extrême

The trend of sake has gone through a load of changes over the years. While most Japanese used to prefer a clean and dry taste, the emergence of Juyondai, one of the most sought-after brands nowadays, has led to a revolution in the industry, opening a new era of sweet and rich sake in the 1990s. Since then, the styles of sake have become more diversified than ever. Under this nouvelle vague, Saketora is striving to introduce more unique yet high-quality sakes to all members. This month, we are bringing in "Miwatari Daiginjo Extrême", a sake that may remind you of a French-Japanese lady who is both CHIC and KAWAII.


Miwatari Daiginjo: A Sake with Rice Wine

Whether a sake is Junmai or not depends on if distilled alcohol is added during fermentation. Since there are no specific regulations on the ingredient of distilled alcohol, in general, a sake brewer seldom pays attention to it. Yet, Miwatari Daiginjo is different. The producer, Toshiyama Brewery, especially selects distilled rice wine made from Yamadanishiki of Tokushima Prefecture. What's crazier is at the beginning, they polish the rice to 50% and make it Junmai Daiginjo, then have it distilled. After all these procedures are done, they start what they really want to make - the Miwatari Daiginjo. Costly and time-consuming, this brewing method, however, is unprecedented and well-thought because it has led to richer flavors of rice and successfully demonstrates the sophisticated craftsmanship of the brewer.

100% Japanese but Exotic with Limited Distribution

Miwatari Daiginjo is made from 100% Japanese ingredients but, intriguingly, may remind you of a white wine. Brewed attentively at a low temperature and mixed with distilled Yamadanishiki rice wine, it is floral, rich in flavors of rice and slightly acid with a soft mouthfeel. With pasteurization being done carefully, no pressure has been added to the sake. Plus, since it is unfiltered with no water added, the natural tiny bubbles are well preserved in the bottle, creating a fresher mouthfeel like a Chardonnay. Currently, it is only available at very few designated shops in Japan and mainly sold in France. Needless to say, a sake lover should have a taste of this fine yet rare Daiginjo.

Certified Sake Made from High-Quality Ingredients

All ingredients used to produce Miwatari Daiginjo including the water and its procedures are carefully selected and monitored, so it is one of the very few sakes certified by the Nippon Kissui Jizake Association, an organization dedicated to evaluate the ingredients of a sake for the purpose of letting consumers distinguish better the quality.

Kuromatsu-Senjo Prototype

Miwatari Daiginjo Extrême
(Fizzy Unfiltered Daiginjo) 720ml

A fizzy and mellow Daiginjo rich in flavors of rice. Not only is it brewed thoughtfully, but innovatively - only Japanese-made ingredients are adopted and the distilled alcohol added to the sake is produced by using Junmai Daiginjo made from Yamadanishiki.

Kuromatsu-Senjo Prototype
Kuromatsu-Senjo Prototype

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