2year anniversary sale

With the arrival of July, this month has marked the 2nd anniversary of Saketora! To thank all sake fans who have been supporting us, Saketora’s biggest annual sale will start from today until 31/7. While you can save up to 30%, there are also special offers on some products that are not usually discounted. With all our sakes and umeshu directly delivered from Japan, take the chance and buy now to share with those who like Japanese drinks and Japan!

Hourai Junmai-daiginjo Irootoko 720ml
Hakutaka Daiginjo Aged 15 720ml
Double Wall Sake Cup Gold
Shinsei Iwai Junmai-daiginjo 720ml
Tamanjiman Daiginjo 720ml
Hourai Junmai-daiginjo Gokuiden 720ml
Double Wall Sake Cup Pink Gold
Kuramoto no Kakushi Sake Bangai Taiheizan 720ml
Kamoshibito Kuheiji "EAU DU DÉSIR" Junmai Daiginjo Yamadanishiki 720ml
Double Wall Sake Cup Silver
Kojika Umeshu 720ml
Fukuju Junmai-daiginjo Black label 720ml
Fuku-komachi Junmai-daiginjo 720ml
Tomio Junmai Premier Amour 720ml
Daiginjo Tenroku-hairyo 720ml
Junmai-daiginjo Tamajiman 720ml
Akanesasu Special Junmai 720ml
Akanesasu Junmai-daiginjo 720ml
Ninki-Ichi Junmai-daiginjo 720ml
Sawahime Ginjo 720ml
Kokuryu Daiginjo 720ml
Hyakunen, Premium Umeshu 720ml
Senpuku, Senbon-nishiki Junmai Daiginjo Genshu 720ml
Kikusui, Red Umeshu 720ml