CHOYA, an umeshu brand that even those who have never tried umeshu would have heard of, has entered its 106th year. The techniques and ingredients adopted by CHOYA has led them to be a national brand in Japan. Not only do they own 450 barrels with a team of professional blenders, they always use premium Nanko plum and never add additives to their umeshu, which has resulted in their excellent quality. Other than “Single Year” and “Aged 3 Years”, they have released two new types of umeshu last year – “The CHOYA Craft Fruit” and “The CHOYA Genshu 18”. The former is blended with fresh plum jam while the latter is made with 1.5 times more plum than usual, so all of them showcase different kinds of style. With the entire series of Choya now available on Saketora, definitely don’t miss out if you are a fan of umeshu!

Choya Gold Edition 500ml
Choya Umeshu Excellent 750ml
The Choya Aged 3 Years 720ml
【Last Stock】The Choya Black 720ml
【Last Stock】The Choya Craft Fruit 720ml
The Choya Single Year (with plum) 650ml
【Last Stock】Choya Brown Sugar Umeshu 650ml