Christmas recommendations

As Christmas and New Year holiday is approaching, it is time to get together with family and friends. Having right drinks for the right occasions will create a more memorable moment, so Saketora has thought about your needs and picked the best sakes based on different scenarios. With 20% discount available on some selected items, buy now and get ready for the festive season!

Kuromatsu-Senjo Prototype Junmaidaiginjo 720ml
Jokigen Kiss of Fire 750ml
Kojika Umeshu 720ml
Miwatari Daiginjo Extrême (Fizzy Unfiltered Daiginjo) 720ml
Oimatsu Sansui Daiginjo 720ml
Jokigen, Yamahai Ginjo (Selected by ANA) 720ml
On a night like this… Moon, Junmai Daiginjo 720ml
Hakutaka Junmai Daiginjo 720ml
Rokkasen Hitotoki Rose 720ml
Rokkasen Hitotoki Siro 720ml