christmas sake

Sake lovers should be familiar with the super-popular Kiss of Fire Junmai Daiginjo. This super high-quality Junmai Daiginjo made by Kano Brewery is aged at low temperature for 3 years so it is aromatic and fruity. Not only the taste, but the bottle design is also very distinctive that has made it become a frequent visitor to super-premium banquets such as Louis Vuitton annual dinner and Nobel Prizes dinners. And this Christmas, Saketora is cooperating with Kano Brewery to launch a limited edition of Kiss of Fire Christmas special edition, which is decorated with Christmas characteristics on the bottle, so that after enjoying the sake, you can also use it as the eye-catching highlights at home! (Christmas special edition Kiss of Fire comes in two colors, glazed blue and brilliant gold, which will be randomly given out) In addition to the special edition of Kiss of Fire, Saketora also recommends a variety of sake suitable for Christmas to make your Christmas more impressive!

Jokigen Kiss of Fire 750ml
Miwatari Junmai Ginjo Pétillant (Fizzy Junmai Ginjo) 720ml
Miwatari Daiginjo Extrême (Fizzy Unfiltered Daiginjo) 720ml
PREMIUM FLOWER Junmai Daiginjo 720ml
Rokkasen Hitotoki Rose 720ml
Jurakudai EXTRA PREMIUM Daiginjo 720ml
Azumano Fumoto, Junmai Daiginjo Bunny Bunny Bunny 500ml
Jurakudai LIMITED EDITION Junmai Daiginjo 720ml
Rokkasen Hitotoki Siro 720ml