Easter is coming soon. Although this is not a good time to travel now, it does not mean we cannot have fun! Why do not we have a great time with those important to us at home? From now on, a time-limited Easter Sale will be launched on Saketora. You can enjoy up to 20% off our selected premium sakes and plum wines! Let’s buy now and get ready for a fun staycation!

Dassai Junmai-daiginjo 39 720ml
Jokigen Kiss of Fire 720ml
Yamazaki Distillery Reserve Suntory Casked Umeshu 750ml
Miwatari Daiginjo Extrême (Fizzy Unfiltered Daiginjo) 720ml
Hakutaka Daiginjo 720ml
Junmai-daiginjo Mitsutake 720ml
Daiginjo Mitsutake 720ml
Junami Daiginjo Azumaryu Reirou 720ml
On a night like this… Thunder Bird, Junmai 720ml
Wakaze Gaia 500ml
Wakaze Luna 500ml
Junmai-ginjoYuiho 720ml