Food Pairing - Heavy Food

Imagine food and sake are like two stereo speakers – when the volume is consistent, its sound is pleasant; when it is not, it is horrible. This is exactly the same concept when pairing a sake with dishes that have big flavors. The high saltiness and sweetness in a heavy dish would match well with the robust mouthfeel and high complexity in a rich sake. Japanese Teriyaki or dishes with Cantonese black bean sauce would be great choices while Thai yellow curry is nice as well.

Taiheizan Junmai-daiginjo Tenko 720ml
Sawahime Daiginjo 720ml
Tengumai Yamahai-Junmai 720ml
Kuramoto no Kakushi Sake Bangai Taiheizan 720ml
Dewazakura Ikko 720ml
TamanoYorokobi Junmai-ginjo 720ml
Taiheizan Junmai-daiginjo Shingetsu 720ml
Special Junmai Wadeki Dewa-no-sato 720ml
Akanesasu Special Junmai 720ml
Yamanashi de Grace 2018 720ml
Junmai-daiginjo Tamajiman 720ml
Soryu, Yamanashi Muscat Bailey A (Oak-aged) 2019 720ml
Zuiyo, Daiginjo (2020 Awarded Edition) 720ml