Hirota Glass, which has a history of over a century, is one of the oldest glass manufacturers in the Tokyo. Introducing manufacturing technology from Europe, combining with traditional Japanese aesthetics to create a unique design that merges Eastern and Western cultures. Hirota Glass continues to create harmonious and unforgettable handicrafts based on the precious experience that has been passed down since its establishment, and has been highly praised in various world competitions.

其它酒器 / Other sake containers
其它酒器 /
Other sake containers

Green Bamboo Sake container 3-Piece Set
Flowers・Buds Sake container 2-Piece Set
Lucky Cat Moneybox
Chic Silver
Chic Gold
Chic Infinite
Gender Silver
Spin Silver
Spin Infinite
Double Wall Sake Cup Gold
Double Wall Sake Cup Pink Gold
Double Wall Sake Cup Silver
Sansaku SakeCup Sakura Cherry Blossoms
Guinomi Antique Gold