There is a prefecture in Japan called 'Hoshitori (lit. star-picking)'?? It is actually Tottori Prefecture in the western part of Honshu. Since 2018, 'Starry Sky Preservation Ordinance' is implemented to protect the star-scape. Tottori Prefecture strictly control the lighting at night to prevent the light pollution as therefore has become the best starry sky in Japan nowadays. You can enjoy the beautiful and magnificent Milky Way here and so Tottori is also called as Hoshitori. To share this romantic starry sky to the world, a sake brewery specially designed the 'Hoshitori series', adding colorful stars to the bottle designs, so that every sake fans can also fell the charm of the 'Hoshitori Prefecture'!

Hoshitori BLACK STAR 720ml
Hoshitori BLUE STAR 720ml
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Hoshitori GREEN STAR 720ml
Hoshitori PURPLE STAR 720ml
Hoshitori RED STAR 720ml