Tokushima Prefecture is located in Shikoku. Although it is not a very developed city, it turns out that its technology affects people's lives every day. The blue light-emitting diode LED which has commercial application value, was developed in Tokushima, and the researchers even won the Nobel Prize in Physics for it.
And this LED technology can also be applied to sake brewing! The Industrial Technology Center in Tokushima Prefecture successfully developed a new yeast "LED Dream Yeast" by irradiating LEDs on yeast. Honke Matsuura Shuzojo, the oldest in Tokushima Prefecture with a history of more than 200 years, uses this brand-new yeast to brew their new sake. It will be amazing to try this kind of sake that combines the power of science and technology!

Narutotai Junmai Ginjo LED rainbow label 720ml
Narutotai Junmai Daiginjo Tomoe 720ml