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Saketora - New arrivals Award-Winning Sakes
Saketora - New arrivals Award-Winning Sakes
In November and December last year, many sake competitions announced the winning sakes, including the International Wine Challenge and the London Sake Award, and Saketora brought many of them to the all the sake fans. Entering 2021, although the new year's competition has not yet been held, Saketora is dedicated to find out the high-quality sakes for everyone, so we are now bringing you a variety of award-winning sakes, including those which have awarded the highest-ranking awards and among them, there is a new product that won the highest platinum award at the London Sake Award in 3 consecutive years! As a sake mania, you must not miss it!

Kokushi Muso Junmai Koku 500ml
Abysse Sparkling sake 720ml
【Free Delivery】 Sake with low alcohol content set
Kokki RED sake 720ml
Kokki DARK RED Junmai 720ml
Kokki PURPLE Junmai 720ml
Kokki BEIGE Junmai 720ml
Kokki BLACK Daiginjo 720ml
【Free Delivery】Kokki Nishijin Ori sake set
【Free Delivery】20/50 Polishing rate Junmai Daiginjo Set
【Free Delivery】20/35 Polishing rate Junmai Daiginjo Set
【Free Delivery】35/50 Polishing rate Junmai Daiginjo Set
Hakutsuru Junmai Daiginjo Shoun 720ml
Junmai Daiginjo Kinoene 720ml
Miyanoyuki Junmai Ginjo Aiyama 720ml
【Free Delivery】Kura Master set 2021