Saketora - Nishijin Ori
Saketora - Nishijin Ori
Speaking of the representative design of Japan, Kyoto's 'Nishijin Textile' is definitely on the list. Nishijin Textile is a pattern fabric produced in the Nishijin area of Kyoto. It is a technique passed down from the Heian period and was designated as a national traditional craft on February 26, 1976. Many weavings and kimonos also use Nishijin as the producing method, and its popularity has made Nishijin Textile area a hot spot for tour groups. In order to pass on this traditional Japanese technology, Kokki Brewery in Shimane Prefecture collaborated with craftsmen to design the unique Nishijinori packaging for sake bottles. Using Nishijinori instead of the normal paper packaging as the design of the bottle, the traditional sake is combined with traditional weaving techniques without losing a modern sense. If you love Japanese culture, you would love it too!

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Kokki PURPLE Junmai 720ml
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