Oriental Sake Awards 2022

There are so many types of Japanese sakes with different flavors and styles, so many sake competitions are held every year to find the best among them. However, except for local competitions in Japan and some European and American competitions such as London Sake Challenge and Milano Sake Challenge, there has never been a sake competition based on Asian favorites. Therefore, the Federation of Japanese Sake Industry held the first "Oriental Sake Awards (OSA)", gathering experts in Asia to select the most suitable sake for Asian. All the results of this competition have been announced on 9/15, and some sake sold by Saketora also won the awards! Let's see which sakes are rated as suitable for Asian!

Shinsei Yamada Nishiki Junmai-daiginjo Hyo-on Kakoi(ice temperature aging) 720ml
Nanbubijin Junmai Ginjo 720ml