Sansaku SakeCup "Uguisu" Japanese bush warbler

Sansaku SakeCup "Uguisu" Japanese bush warbler

Tsubame sanjo
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A container special for Japanese sakes by considering the shape, colour and also the ease of use.

■Special feature①
To maximize the joy of tasting Japanese sakes, the cup is designed by considering the following areas: Aroma, Texture, Taste and After Taste.
A single stainless steel plate is made into double layer structure by appling the traditional processing mehtod called 'Metal spinning'. This forms an empty space in between the layers which limits the impact on the temperature from the holding hands. The cavity structure can be seen from the bottom acrylic surface.

In addition, the mouthpiece is made thin by the special Tsubame Sanjo polishing technology. This requires a high level of technique to make the bent part of stainless steel plate thinner.

■Special feature②
The colours of the cup represent the beauty in Japan

Instead of painting, the beautiful colours are made by appling the special technology in Tsubame Sanjo called 'oxidation colouring'. The stainless steel is rusted and the oxidized film would refract the light.

Origin Niigata prefecture, Tsubame Sanjo
Maker Sasage

Main body: Stanless Steel (SUS304)
Bottom: Acrylic (clear acrylic)

Size φ57×H50mm / 90g 
37cc *when fully filled


■How to Use
Wash the cup with neutral detergents after use, then wipe it with a soft cloth and store in a dry place.
*Do not use wire wool or scouring pad which may damage the surface.
*Do not use bleach for washing
*When using a dishwahser, remove the acrylic part at the bottom (as it may deform over 80 degrees Celcius) and re-attach the part after the cup is completely dry.
*Do not put on fire directly or it may be burnt or deformed.
*Do not store the cup with rusted items.
*A strong hit may cause deformation of the container.

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