Taisho Romance sake cup Ichimatsu Black
Taisho Romance sake cup Ichimatsu Black

Taisho Romance sake cup Ichimatsu Black

Hiroda Glass
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Designed in a traditional Japanese checkered pattern. The wide-mouth sake cup emphasizes the characteristics of sake.

■Special feature①
The black base makes the whole more refreshing, creating a retro vibe. In addition to enjoying Japanese sake, it can also be used as a red and white wine glass.

■Special feature②
【Taisho Romantic Glassware】 The soft milky white on the glass is a nostalgic and elegant design. Japan's unique glass blowing method from the Taisho era of Meiji. While nostalgic, enjoy the deliciousness in the glassware.

Origin Tokyo Kanto
Maker Hiroda Glass



約∅6.4cm×9.2cmH (110ml) with paper box


■How to Use
・This product should not be placed in microwaves, ovens, freezers, dishwashers or on a naked flame.
・Please be aware that glasss may break if subjected to sudden changes in heat.
・Scrached, cracked or chipped glassware may cause breakage. In such cases, please refrain from using the product.
・ Please do not stack the glasses without products displayed as stackable.
・Please wash with a soft sponge and neutral detergent. Abrasive cleaners could make a scratch on the glass and cause damage.

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