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Nissho kogyo
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The dancing glass cheerfully sways
This jewelry glassware is made of the highest quality titanium and by exceptional craftsmanship. Each item is individually created with great care in our humble atelier, applying the same processing method to titanium that used in space development technology.

■Special feature①
The bottom of the sake cup adopts a curved design, Pouring in the sake and the glass will slightly sway,
The round bottom design keeps the wine glass stable, making the cup never fall like a tumbler. Special materials and design also help the heat transfer of the sake in the cup.

■Special feature②
Titanium is a highly corrosion-resistant, almost equivalent to platinum and gold. Titanium has high affinity to the human body and is considered as “the most user friendly metal to human bodies.” Titanium is also said to be unsusceptible to smell and dirt and helps mellow the taste by breaking down unfavorable tastes.

Origin Shicuoka prefecture Tokai area
Maker Nissho kogyo

Glass, Titanium


72mm×H91mm 495ml 140g


■How to Use
* Please use a soft sponge and clean with a neutral detergent.
* Do not use cleaners or sponges with frosted ingredients that may damage the glass.
* Not compatible with dishwasher, microwave and oven.
* Sake cup can be easily damaged if scratched.
* When handling the sake cup, please do not make it collide with other hard objects.
* Stacked storage may damage the titanium coating.
* When thesake cup is still hot, do not place it in a cold or humid place.

Colour of the product may be a bit different from the image shown due to the surrounding light conditions.

The size of this product would be a bit larger than the other sake containers as this product is also suitable for plum wine and other alcoholic drinks.

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