summer sparkling sake

In the hot summer, cold drinks are always the best solution to the heat; and on top of it, with bubbly drinks, it will be even cooler! Among the many kinds of sakes and umeshus, so of them are having a slight bubble feeling. Adding to the Japanese sake aroma, you will also experience a refreshing mouthfeel, bringing you a brand new feeling of Japanese sake! Check out the sparkling sake and umeshu recommended by Saketora and enjoy a refreshing summer!

Miwatari Junmai Ginjo Pétillant (Fizzy Junmai Ginjo) 720ml
Miwatari Daiginjo Extrême (Fizzy Unfiltered Daiginjo) 720ml
Kuromatsu-Senjo Umeshu 720ml
Takasago Sparkling Umeshu 375ml
Abysse Sparkling sake 720ml