Last time, Saketora introduced you a popular winery that was introduced in Kimura Takuya’s drama: Grace Wine. Not only did they become the first winery that won gold medal in Decanter World Wine Awards in 2014, they also got the award in consecutive 6 years, which explains why Grace Wine is popular the wine fans. On top of the red wine and white wine, a new rosé wine is now available with limited quantity of 120 bottles!
Besides Grace Wine, Saketora has also found out more different high quality rosé wines, including the winery with more than 100 years history 'Soryu', and the winery which values environmental conservation and sustainable development 'Domaine Raison'. For those who love to try new tastes, don't miss it!
What is Rosé?
Although it is called Rosé, it does not contain roses as ingredients. Instead, just like red wine and white wine, grapes are also used as the main ingredients. So what are the differences between red, white and Rosé wine?
Due to the difference of brewing process, the colour of Rosé Wine is in between the deep red of red wine and the transparent white of white wine, presenting a romantic pink. As for the taste, just like the colour, is well balanced: easy to drink as white wine and with the fruity aroma as red wine. Therefore, you can enjoy Rosé Wine with different kinds of cuisine, such as French, Italian, Chinese or Japanese.
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    New arrival from the top brand

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    Gorgeous gold leaf

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    Charming sweet

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    Fruity dry

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    Well balanced

Grace Wine
Grace Wine is one of the most prominent wineries in Japan. They were the first winery that won gold medal in Decanter World Wine Awards in 2014 and won the award in 6 consecutive years. After they were introduced by a famous TV series of Kimura Takuya in 2018, their name has gone viral in Asia.
Saketora - Grace Wine Rose
Grace Wine Rose
Exuding the aromas as cherry, blood orange, cumin and pink pepper, fruity and with slightly sour taste with the note of lemonade and rose tea. Limited to 120 bottles, don't miss it!

Saketora - Japanese Wine Set
Japanese Red and White Wine Set
On top of the popular winery Grace Wine, the set is also including the red, white and rosé wine from the Hokkaido winery Domaine Raison, so that you can taste and find out the difference between the wine from different areas in Japan. With 14% off and free shipping, drink wise, buy wise!

Stories of the wineries
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