Double Wall Sake Cup Pink Gold
Double Wall Sake Cup Pink Gold
Double Wall Sake Cup Pink Gold

Double Wall Sake Cup Pink Gold

Tsubame sanjo
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Official certified 'Made in Tsubame' product
The winner of Japan Tsubame Industrial Design Competition 2019
The shape and mouthpiece are designed to enhance the taste and aroma of sakes.
The double layer structure enable to keep the temperature no matter if the sake is warm or cold.

■Special feature①
As the mouthpiece is thin, you can enjoy the original taste of the sake.
With the thin mouthpiece, the taste of sake would be passed on directly to the mouth and you would be able to enjoy the origianl taste of the sake.

The sake cup is actually made from 2 stainless steels by welding them together. By applying the unique technology in Tsubame Sanjo, the 2 plates are polished into an extremely thin layer.

■Special feature②
It keeps the taste of the cold sake
The double structure by 2 stainless steel plates would limit the influence on temperature by the air, which keeps the temperature of the sake in the cup no matter it is warm or cold.

Origin Niigata prefecture, Tsubame Sanjo
Maker Honma Kibutsu Seisakusho

Main body: 18-8 Stainless
Surface: Nickel Chrome plating

Size 83mm×33mm 80g

■How to Use
*Wash the cup with water or hot water after use, then wipe it with a soft cloth as soon as possible and store in a dry place.
*Do not use dishwasher, dryer nor cleanser.
*Do not use wire wool or scouring pad which may damage the surface.
*Do now wash it with chlorine bleach as the cup is weak against both alkali and acid.
*Wash the cup with detergent.
*Do not store the cup with rusted items.
*Do not store water in the cup for a long period of time.
*Storing food and seasonings in the cup for a long period of time may have an impact on the surface colour.

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