Guinomi Antique Silver
Guinomi Antique Silver
Guinomi Antique Silver

Guinomi Antique Silver

Tsubame sanjo
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A sake container that shines with a special colouring method that keeps it from rusting and decolouring.

■Special feature
Instead of painting on the surface, the colour is made by a special technology called 'oxidation colouring'. Under this method, the stainless steel is rusted and the oxidized film would refract the light. As it is not painted by pigments, there is no hamr to human body and enviromental friendly.

Origin Niigata prefecture, Tsubame Sanjo
Maker Yukiwa

Stainless steel 18-8 (single layer)


85cc *when fully filled

■How to Use
*Wash the cup with water or hot water after use, then wipe it with a soft cloth and store in a dry place.
*Do not use dishwasher nor dryer
*Do not use alkaline detergents.
*Do not keep is wet for long period of time.
*Food and seasonings containing salt may damage and form holes on the cup if the materials is stuck for a long period of time.

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