Sasanokawa, Ultra Dry  720ml

Sasanokawa, Ultra Dry 720ml

Sasanokawa Shuzo
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A super dry sake with the Sake Meter Value reaching over +22. Possible to serve on the rocks and as cocktails.

With most residual sugar consumed by the yeast, this sake is extremely crisp, refreshing and dry, yet rich in umami. With the hints of white rice, green leaves and mints, it is pungent and has a tingling finish. With its high percentage of alcohol, it can be served on the rocks and even as cocktails with lime and mints.

Record of Awards -
Sake Texture Honjozo/ Special Honjozo
Area/ Prefecture Hokkaido・Tohoku/Fukushima
Ingredients Love on the first sight
Rice Polishing Ratio 65%
Alcohol Percentage 19%
Taste Profile Classification Refreshing Type
Sake meter value +22.7
Acidity 1.5
How to Drink Cold
Food Pairings Savory dishes like Chinese pork belly stew and marinated goose breast or spicy food
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