vintage sake

There are more than 1,200 sake breweries in Japan, but those producing aged sakes are rare. 'OLD VINTAGE SAKE' selected the high-quality sakes aged over 10 years, introducing the traditional Japanese sake culture to all over the world.

By aging for a long time, Japanese sakes would reborn as a brand new sake with a beautiful golden color and a rich aroma. In modern Japan, many sake brewers is now promoting their new sakes and therefore have stopped making vintage sakes. Espectially for those aged over 10 years, they account for only 0.0009% of the total production of sake.

Hence, we visited more than 100 sake brewers to find out the unnoticed talents and bring the vintage sakes back to the spotlights again. Let's try and enjoy the rich flavor which is difficult to be found in regular sakes.

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