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Food pairing tips in 3 perspectives!
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What is 'Saketora SELECTION'?

There are more than 200 different kinds of sake on Saketora, which would be a big problem for people who are difficult in making decisions. Therefore, Saketora team would like to share with you the tips of food pairing with Japanese sakes in different tastes with different dishes, and most importantly, in different angles, so as to make it easier for you to understand the characteristics of sake and choose the best sakes for yourself!

Professional from sake industry -
Ms. Yamada
In addition to the Saketora team members, we also invited Miss Yamada, who has worked in the sake industry for over 20 years, to provide us with professional comments on food pairing tips!
Sakes for tasting
Sakes for tasting

Little Sake Master
Saketora - Little sake masterSaketora - Little sake master
'Little Sake Master' Profile
Hometown: Kamakura, Japan
Interests: Alcohol, fishing
Sake experience: 15 years (Sake sommerlier)

A 40-year-old middle-aged man, has an obsession with clothing and food. No resistance to alcohol, no matter whether it is red wine, white wine, beer, whisky, or Japanese sake. Western food with foreign wine, Japanese food with sake, can be described as a daily routine, and recently, craft beer has become one of my favorites. Not a top sake expert, but would like to share more fun facts of sake by utilizing the long-time sake experience.

'Little Sake Master' recommendations
Sea Bream Carpaccio
Saketora - Sea bream carpaccio
Sea Bream Carpaccio
Japan's popular whitefish sashimi, fresh and sweet. Just need a small amount of olive oil, lemon juice and salt pepper would be good enough to make it tasty. Simple is the best.
'Little Sake Master' recommendations
Yamatan Masamune
Junmai Daiginjo Sword
Attracted by the unique appearance and therefore had my first try. It has a ginjo fragrance and a transparent taste, yet a bitconcentrated, so it is a pity that the umami of sea bream is a bit covered by the sake. If you are pairing this sake with sashimi, choose a fatty type such as yellowtail to balance the sake and food.
Hourai Junmai-daiginjo Irootoko
Sake with a fun name...with fruity, mellow and elegant aroma. Clear mouthfeel with umami, so it is very harmonious with the sweetness of the fish, which can get a 90 points from me. Served cold and it would be even more refreshing, and you cannot help keeping to drink. Dangerous.
Saketora - Shrimp in Ketchup sauce
Comment from Miss Yamada:

Junmai Daiginjo Sword has a strong sour taste, so it is best to pair it with sashimi that is having a stronger taste than sea bream, especially for dishes with heavy oil content. The refreshingness of the sake can wash away the greasy feeling. And as for Irootoko, well-balanced and therefore relatively easier to match with different dishes.

Sake new comer
Saketora - sake new comerSaketora - sake new comer
'Sake new comer' profile
Hometown: Hong Kong
Interestes: Sports, movies
Sake experience: 2 years

Went to Japan to work through serendipity. With zero knowledge of sake but still joined Saketora. Also, because of my love for Japanese culture, I gradually changed my mind about alcohol from 'never touched' to 'Well, actually not bad!'. Although I am not an expert, I hope to share with you my opinions on sake pairing from the perspective of new comer.

'Sake new comer' recommendations
Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef
Saketora - Strip fried rice noodles with beef
Stir-Fried Rice Noodles with Beef
A must-have menu in HK restaurants. With sweet and salty soy sauce and tender beef, the smell of it is irresistible.
'Sake new comer' recommendations
Kuromatsu-Senjo Prototype Junmaidaiginjo
Named as Prototype, and the tastes is also really a prototype. Sweet as fruit and easy to drink. The taste of rice is even more prominent when coupled with the salty-sweet dry-fried beef noodles. Japanese sake X traditional Hong Kong-style food.
Azumano Fumoto, Junmai Daiginjo Bunny Bunny Bunny
It is a bit more sour than normal sakes, as if drinking sake and white wine together. This reduces the greasy feeling of the beef noodles. After trying this new combination, the classic combination of 'Beef noodles X Beer maybe replaced.
Saketora - Shrimp in Ketchup sauce
Comment from Miss Yamada:

Prototype has a very sweet taste, which can be paired with salty and sweet foods without destroying the balance, and it is also very easy for beginners to drink. As for Bunny Bunny Bunny, it has a strawberry-like sweet and sour taste, and has a moderate alcohol feel. Even if it is paired with greasy food, it would totally goes well. You can even try adding strawberries to the sake and serve it as fruit wine, which is very suitable for sake beginners.

Saketora - sake missySaketora - sake missy
'Sake Missy' Profile
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Interestes: Karaoke, Shopping, Afternoon tea
Sake experience: 6 years

Alcohol lover, especially drinking with friends. Although I have been an 'alcoholic' for 6 years, I am not familiar with professional terms of sakes. The only thing I know is just, it tastes good or not. Often discuss the new combinations of food pairing with friends, and strive to find unique menus.

'Sake Missy' Recommendations
Sashimi Bowl with Avocado
Saketora - sashimi bowl with avocado
Sashimi Bowl with Avocado
Described by food critics as a recipe that 'can't control yourself once you try it'. A super popular food that does not even need a fire to cook, it is the biggest natural enemy of people who works until late night.
'Sake Missy' Recommendations
Miwatari Daiginjo Extrême
A very special sparkling sake with bubbles. Luckily chose pickled sashimi with avocado instead of regular sashimi, because the bubbles in sake just complements the strong flavor of the food and washes away the greasy feeling. Above all, the pink bottle is so romantic.
Yatsushika, Junmai Daiginjo (Sakura Ver.)
The cherry blossom design is really suitable for this season. The mouthfeel of sake is very smooth, and you can feel the umami of rice. The relatively strong taste is well-paired with avocado, so tropical!
Saketora - Shrimp in Ketchup sauce
Comment from Miss Yamada:

Miwatari is strong in aftertaste, and with the impact of the sparkling, it is very suitable to match with food with strong taste, and you can even consider drinking it with fried noodles. As for the Yatsushika Sakura Junmai Daiginjo, the mouthfeel is very soft and fine, yet the taste is strong enough with umami of rice, so there is a surprise when paired with avocado.

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Want to know more about food pairing? Check Saketora's 7 essential tips!