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Japanese sakes usually have a delicate taste and therefore some people would suggest drinking the sake alone, but in fact, there are quite a lot of sake lovers love tasting with snacks. However, there are so many different kinds of snacks available, so which is the most suitable one for sake pairing? To find out the answer, the trio of SELECTION from the Saketora team: 'Little Sake Master', 'Sake new comer' and 'Sake Missy' came to a Battle, each chose a snack that represented themselves to pair with different sakes, and invited an expert in the sake industry - Ms.Yamada to find out the "King of Snacks for Sake Pairing" for us! Check out the reviews and discover the best partner for Japanese sakes!
Sake line up
Sakes for tasting
From the left:
①Kokki RED sake
②On a night like this… Moon, Junmai Daiginjo
③Sohana Premium Junmai Daiginjo
④Hideyoshi, Junmai Daiginjo
⑤Tokyo Kurabito, Junmai Ginjo
⑥Junmai-daiginjo Setsugekka

'Little Sake Master'
Saketora - Little sake masterSaketora - Little sake master
Super popular!
Olive oil marinated cheese

Marinate the thick grains of cheese in olive oil. With black pepper, pesto, bay leaves and other spices, the aroma of the cheese is fully brought out. It sounds like an enemy of slim people, but it doesn't stop it from becoming a topical snack in Japan these days.

Sake pairing
Sake pairing
Saketora - Olive oil marinated cheese
Hideyoshi, Junmai Daiginjo (left)
Attracted by the unique appearance and therefore had my first try. It has a ginjo fragrance and a transparent taste, yet a bitconcentrated, so it is a pity that the umami of sea bream is a bit covered by the sake. If you are pairing this sake with sashimi, choose a fatty type such as yellowtail to balance the sake and food.

Sohana Premium Junmai Daiginjo (Right)
Sake with a fun name...with fruity, mellow and elegant aroma. Clear mouthfeel with umami, so it is very harmonious with the sweetness of the fish, which can get a 90 points from me. Served cold and it would be even more refreshing, and you cannot help keeping to drink. Dangerous.
Saketora - Shrimp in Ketchup sauce
Comment from Miss Yamada:
The pickled cheese is very rich in flavor, and the complex aroma of spices is really addicting, no wonder it has become a popular snack. It is a pity that the taste is a little heavy when pairing with sake, which is easy to cover the aroma of ginjo. Therefore, when considering sake pairing, you may choose sake with heavier flavors such as Yamahai Junmai, Kimoto Junmai, and aged sake, or you can also consider to have the sake served warm or hot, so that the aroma of sake will be further brought out, and there may be unexpected surprises.
Score: ★★☆

'Sake new comer' recommendations
Saketora - sake new comerSaketora - sake new comer
Shrimp Flavored Japanese Wasabi Rice Crackers

Super crispy texture, you can feel the acrid smell of Japanese mustard as soon as you have a small bite. After two or three seconds, the mustard taste gradually disappears and gives way to the umami taste of shrimp. So delicious that you will eat a whole packet without noticing.

Sake pairing
Sake pairing
Saketora - Olive oil marinated cheese
Junmai-daiginjo Setsugekka (left)
The aroma is light as whihte flower, but it has an unexpected rice umami, which is very in line with the rice crackers as the umami is mutually reinforced. And the aftertaste of sake becomes clearer after the pungent wasabi taste.

Tokyo Kurabito, Junmai Ginjo (right)
Full of acidity, yet sweet enough, while the mouthfeel is smooth. When paired with this snack, the salty aroma of the rice crackers accentuates the sweetness of the sake, while the sake makes the crunchy snack smoother and less greasy.
Saketora - Shrimp in Ketchup sauce
Comment from Miss Yamada:
At first, I was a little worried that the pungent spiciness of wasabi would be too strong for the sake, but this snack had just the right amount of wasabi, and instead brought out the sweetness of sake. The refreshing sake can neutralize the greasy feeling at the same time, which creates a better balance.
Score: ★★★★

'Sake Missy' Recommendations
Saketora - sake missySaketora - sake missy
Premium department store Soy Seaweed Roll

The crispy nori, wrapped in marinated soybeans, has an irresistible taste and crunchy texture. It is a popular snack in high-class department stores recently.

Sake pairing
Sake pairing
Saketora - sashimi bowl with avocado
On a night like this… Moon,
Junmai Daiginjo (left)
Refreshing and pleasant, full of the aroma of ginjo. The umami of soy sauce can bring out the umami of sake, and the aroma of sake also strengthens the aroma of soybeans.

Kokki RED sake (right)
The taste is soft and full of umami, which would highlight the sweetness of soybeans, and the crispy nori makes the mouthfeel become richer.
Saketora - Shrimp in Ketchup sauce
Comment from Miss Yamada:

The combination of seaweed and marinated soybeans is already full of umami, paired with the sake that is mild and clear, the two can enhance the umamiof each other.

Score: ★★★
Results announced :
Which is the best snack for sake pairing?
Saketora - sake missySaketora - sake missy

Comment from Miss Yamada:
Although olive oil marinated cheese is a very delicious snack, it maybe slightly too heavy to be paired with Ginjo-class sakes. Soy Seaweed Roll is full of umami and crunchy, making it a classic pairing with sake. As for the wasabi rice crackers, it is unexpectedly matched with sake! Not only the umami of rice is brought out, but the refreshingness of sake can also wash away the greasy feeling of the snack. The most important thing is that the spiciness of wasabi is just right, which would not cover the sweetness of the sake. By considering the characteristics of all 3 snacks, the winner goes to:
Shrimp Flavored
Japanese Wasabi Rice Crackers!

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