Sake is getting more and more popular not only in Asia, but Europe. In order to further promote it to the world, Sake Sommelier Association, a global sake education organization, has launched the first ever sake competition in Europe, “London Sake Challenge”, since 2012. As the jury is composed of certified sommeliers from around the world, the quality is guaranteed. The awarded sakes are high-quality and therefore it has become one of the most important sake contests in the world.
Unlike last year, this year's contest is hold in Bordeaux in France instead of London in the past. As the results of 2021 have been announced, Saketora has selected some of the very best for you this month. With new items and special sake set with 13% off discount, don’t miss out!

Saketora - IWC2021 AWARDED SAKE

Bordeaux Sake Challenge
Awarded Sakes Set

The special set includes 6 awarded sakes with free shipping and extra 13% discount.


Saketora - IWC2021 Trophy Miyanoyuki Junmai Daiginjo Sake Tamashi

Shinsei Iwai Junmai-daiginjo

Fruity, refreshing and rich in umami. A very pleasant Junmai-daiginjo Sake.Brewed with "Iwai", a local sake rice of Kyoto, this Junmai-daiginjo is mellow and light with unique fragrance.

  • Saketora - Hideyoshi Junmai Daiginjo

    Saketora - Hanamizake2021 Kasen Wajo Special Junmai

    Junmai Daiginjo Aged 3 Years

    Using the power of nature, the Junmai Daiginjo is aged for 3 years under low temperature. The Junmai Daiginjo is fruity and mellow as Genshu, yet not greasy.

  • Saketora - TaiheizanJunmai-daiginjo Tenko

    Saketora - Taiheizan<br Junmai-daiginjo Tenko

    Junmai Daiginjo Irootoko

    Fruity and fresh with mild sweetness, this Junmai-daiginjo is as popular as champagne and cocktail among ladies.

  • Saketora - Oimatsu Sansui Daiginjo

    Saketora - Oimatsu Sansui Daiginjo


    Aromatic and mellow. A delicate Daiginjo.Sweet and delicate with mild tartness and a good balance. Fruity with the notes of ripe peach, it pairs excellently with a wide range of cuisine.

  • Saketora - Hideyoshi Junmai Daiginjo

    Saketora - Hanamizake2021 Kasen Wajo Special Junmai

    Junmai Daiginjo

    Full of the sweetness of sake rice, with a clean and refreshing aftertaste. In order to keep the umami of the sake, the sake brewery carefully selected the raw materials, yeast, manufacturing processes, and even storage methods. Using the traditional home-made yeast from Kamikokoro Shuzo, the aroma of ripe apple spreads and you can feel the umami of sake rice.

  • Saketora - TaiheizanJunmai-daiginjo Tenko

    Saketora - Taiheizan<br Junmai-daiginjo Tenko

    Sawahime Daiginjo

    Elegant aroma and refreshing mouthfeel, widely recognized as the best sake of Sawahime.Elegant, fresh and aromatic, this widely-recognized masterpiece of Sawahime is a sake truly representing Tochigi Prefecture with only local ingredients including rice, yeast and water selected for brewing.