Can you imagine This is also Japanese sake?

Can you imagine This is also Japanese sake? Unconventional New arrivals!
Whether it is a sake lover or a new comer to Japanese sake, they should have a general impression of Japanese sake: although the taste differs, as it is a traditional craft and therefore should not have many changes over time. But in fact, the sake industry has also begun to try new things in recent years, aim at more people and bring the sake culture to a wider world.
This time, Saketora is bringing you 4 different brand new sakes, with unique and innovative tastes, and even good for your health, which will definitely surprise you!
  • Japanese sake for health?

    Sasanokawa C8 Ginjo

    Many people have long said that moderate drinking is good for health, but unfortunately it has always been a controversial topic. But this time, Sasanogawa Shuzo has really designed a 'healthy' sake, and developed a new 'C8' in cooperation with Fukushima Medical University.
    C8 contains vanillic acid, an anti-inflammatory substance, which is one of the medicinal ingredients in Angelica (Also known as female ginseng), allowing you to drink healthy while enjoying the mellow taste of whisky. Since vanillic acid is extracted from sake aged in wooden barrels, so only Sasanogawa Shuzo can take up the challenge of this brewing.
    It is full of the aroma of wooden barrels because it has been aged in wooden barrels. In addition to the elegant fruity aromas like lemon and orange, the flavor is even more distinctive in the mouth. It goes well with fried food and meat dishes.

  • It is a sake, and also a wine

    Hanakiwami Momokawa Ginjo

    Brewed with sake rice from Aomori Prefecture and wine yeast, shillfully blends the fruity aroma of ginjo into the sweet and sour of white wine. The sour taste brings refreshing, but it does not lose the umami of sake rice, and it is a perfect blend of Japanese and Western flavors. Such an unconventional sake, may bring you a bigger surprise if it is on rock in a wine glass.

  • Sake? Dessert?

    IT'S THE KEY Junmai Ginjo

    IT'S THE KEY means opening the door to a new world of Junmai Ginjo. The alcohol content is only 12 degrees which is lower than most of the Japanese sakes, but the the sweetness and acidity are nearly 5 times as much as usual.

  • Apple? Sake!

    Apple BOM BOM Junmai

    As shown in the design on the bottle, it has the sweetness of a ripe apple. The mouthfeel is pure and transparent, with sweet and sour flavors in the body. High-yielding malic acid yeast is used to maintain the apple-like taste, with a refreshing finish and a perfect balance of subtle sweetness.