Japanese sake is always divided into sweet ones and dry ones. Some people think that dry sake is more traditional which is the spirit of sake; while some of the others think that sweet sake is modern which is the trend of nowadays sake. In fact, everybody would have their very own preferences, so there is no conclusion about who is right and who is wrong. Therefore, instead of arguing with others, it is better to test them by yourself and find out your favourite tastes. Saketora have brought you 4 new arrvials, including 2 sweet sakes and 2 dry sakes. Also, 'Sweet and Dry Comparison Set 2023' including 6 different kinds of sakes is now available with a 15% off and free shipping. And what's more, the first 3 customers of this set can also get a bottle of Slam Dunk sake 'Miinokotobuki +14 Junmai Ginjo' for FREE! For those who want to compare between sweet and dry sakes, don't miss it!