Saketora - Concept
Long-established sake brewery - Hakutsuru
'Moisture Sake Cosmetics' is now available
During the process of fermenting sake rice and sake koji, hundreds of different ingredients are produced, while many of them are said to have positive effects on beauty and skin care. 'Moisture Sake Cosmetics' was born because of the fermented moisturizing ingredients in Japanese sake. Using Hakutsuru's special Japanese sake and sake lees as raw materials, formulated with skincare ingredients and other natural ingredients, the new cosmetics can help from from various circumstances of everyday life that would have negative effects on skin conditions.

High quality raw materials
Using Hakutsuru Brewery's fermentation technology honed since the Edo period, the ingredients of the highest quality Japanese sake are carefully selected as raw materials for cosmetics.
- Fermented moisturizing ingredients -
Saketora - Japanese Sake
Japanese sake
'Moisture Sake Cosmetics' is 100% made with rice and koji from Hyogo prefecture. The fermented rice extract from the Japanese sake contains natural amino acids, which are the main components of 'Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF*)', which help to retain the skin's moisturizing ability.
※Moisturizing ingredients naturally present in the skin
Amino acids are the raw materials that make up skin proteins such as collagen, which can increase the skin's natural moisture content and bring sufficient moisture to the stratum corneum.

Saketora - Sake lees
Sake lees
Sake lees are a by-product of the sake brewing process. 'Moisture Sake Cosmetics' uses sake lees from Junmai sake carefully selected by Hakutsuru as raw materials, and uses special technology to make the ingredients easier to reach the stratum corneum. Including amino acids, fermented moisturizer in sake lees are rich in skincare ingredients, in order to maintain firm, hydrated and shiny skin.

Designed for skin
Saketora - Hakutsuru Cosmetics chart1

Saketora - Point
Insufficient moisturizing can easily lead to
various skin problems, which is a main point
in the skin care process
Do you know? Dull, rough skin and lack of firmness are actually caused by dryness? In other words, skin moisturizing is the first step in prevention and countermeasures.
Contains fermented moisturizer
For your healthy skin
Healthy skin has its own moisturizing power and acts as a barrier to protect the skin from dryness caused by external stimuli. 'Moisture Sake Cosmetics' maintains the skin environment through 'fermented moisturizer' and 'skin care ingredients', so that everyone can restore the natural power of the skin and emit beautiful radiance.
Saketora - Hakutsuru cosmetics chart2 Saketora - Hakutsuru cosmetics chart2
Glycyrrhizinate 2K (cosmetic name) = dipotassium glycyrrhizinate (quasi-drug name)
Medicinal gel Niacinamide = anti-acne*, active ingredient for wrinkle improvement / Dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate = active ingredient for rough skin prevention *Inhibit melanin production, prevent pigmentation and freckles

'Fully decontaminates, fully moisturizes'
A collection for your skin
If the dirt remains on the skin, no matter how many times you use skin care products, the desired effect cannot be achieved, so cleaning the dirt on the skin is also an important care! Thoroughly removing impurities and keeping the skin moisturized is important for healthy, firm and hydrated skin.