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What is Saketora?
Saketora is an online liquor store that sells Japanese liquor such as Japanese sake, whisky and plum wine to customers all over the world. We hope that all our customers can experience and understand Japanese culture better by trying Japanese sake.
Are there any offices or shops in Hong Kong?
To minimize our costs so as to provide the best sakes at economical prices, Saketora does not have any actual shops in Hong Kong. Instead, we would ship all our products directly from Japan in order to ensure the freshness of our products.
What services do we provide?
Customers can order liquor directly from Japan.
  1. Cheaper to buy Japanese liquor than in your home country (same price as in Japan).
  2. Able to find seasonal and fresh liquor that is hard to find in your home country.
What if want to purchase it wholesale?
Use the "Contact Us" form for any questions regarding wholesale. We have products for businesses as well.
How can I change or delete personal information?
Customers can change personal information through the account page. Use the "Contact Us" form regarding deletion. Staff members will support you in every way.

order process and settlement

What kinds of payment methods are there?
Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards are accepted. We also accept PayPal.
After ordering, can I make any changes or cancel the order?
Click on the "Contact Us" button to change your order, change your address or cancel your order. We will contact the customer regarding any changes. *Changes will only be accepted within 24 hours of the order.
What currencies are accepted? (USD, JPY, RMB, EUR etc.)
Payments will be ONLY in Hong Kong dollar. 
Any abnormal situation occurs when entering personal information such as address at the purchase page
Refresh the current page and fill in the information again. If the abnormal situation still happened, please contact Saketora customer service.

shipment and delivery

How much is shipping costs?
One bottle will approximately be $149 to $46 in average HKD(the price will be adjusted by the shipping company according to the weight and shipping location).

If single purchase over HK$1,500,the shipment will be FREE.

Note, this price does not include any tax or tariffs. That will be borne by the customer.

Check the "About Deliveries" page for more details about deliveries.
How long will it take to receive the order?
For Asia: Delivery time is within around 10 days after the order is made

Check the "About Deliveries" page for for more details.
Which shipping company is used?
ECMS and FedEx Express for Hong Kong, EMS for other countries. (It will be EMS or ECMS, depending on your home country's regulations)
How can I check the delivery status of my order?
Tracking information will be provided in the delivery email. If you click on the link, it will take you to the shipping company's page. The tracking information will be available 24 hours after you receive the delivery email.
Can the delivery address be different from the address on the invoice?
Customers can add different addresses for deliveries and invoices through the order page. Unfortunately on some occasions, tariffs may be billed to the delivery address.

Customs & Tariffs

Is there consumption tax?
All products are free of Japanese consumption tax. However, there may be some tariffs according to your home country's regulations.
Is there custom tariffs?
For Hong Kong, there will be no tariffs for Japanese Sake (except for liquor like whisky that have high alcohol content(more than 24%). Depending on the regulations of your home country, not all products will be taxed. For details, refer to the "About Customs & Tariffs" page. The process is managed clearly by the shipping company. The shipping company will request customers to pay for any taxes when the products are delivered.

service after sale

If items in the order are broken, what do I do?
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Please take a photo of the damages on the products or the package and send it to us via the "Contact Us" page. After we assess the situation, we will re-deliver or refund the fees.
If there was a mistake in the order or any damages to the products, what will you do?
We will pay for all fees associated with any returns, and ship your products again for free.

However, to make sure we send the correct products, we will contact the customer to confirm further details.
I was very satisfied with the service. How can I recommend your service to others?
Thank you for appreciating the services and products we offer. Customers can leave us a review of your experience, which will be great reference for future customers.

Also, you can post your experience through SNS or review on Facebook. We promise to continue to serve everyone with great customer service!

If you leave a review or recommend our services to friends, we can provide you further discounts as well.


Some sakes would have ‘keep refrigerated’ written on the bottle, does it mean it is a must or would it affect the expiration date?
It is actually just a small drinking tip from the vendor. All sakes being sold on Saketora are well pasteurized and therefore it is not a must to be kept in refrigerator. You just need to keep the sakes in a dark and cool place until opening.