First Time Purchase Discount

If you register as a member before shopping, we will offer you a 10% off coupon which is effective from your first purchase onwards. Register now and get EXCLUSIVE discount offers!

How to use your Coupon

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A registration confirmation email with a 10% off promo code will arrive.

When the registration is completed, an email with a coupon code will arrive at your registered email address.

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Promotion Summary

Valid Period of the Coupon

  • One year after issuance.
    This coupon is issued after member registration and can be used from your first purchase onwards.

How to Get the Coupon

  • The coupon code will be stated in the registration email.


  • This coupon can only be used once. 10% discount is applied to the price of products only.
  • This coupon cannot be used with other coupons together, such as bulk buying promotion, refer-a-friend coupon, etc.
  • This coupon cannot be used on a completed order.
  • If you return or cancel a product which used this coupon, it will not be reissued. We appreciate your understanding.