Free Sake Tasting
Chance to Win a Round-way Ticket to Tokyo for 2

As the biggest gourmet festival in Hong Kong, Food Expo will be back to the city in mid-August. This year, Saketora will also take part in the carnival and offer special discounts to all visitors together with free tasting sessions. A giveaway contest will also be launched and you will have a chance to win a round-way ticket to Tokyo for 2 persons! Many vibrant activities are waiting for you. Do come and see us!
※For the details please refer to the rules and regulations below

Saketora - FOOD EXPO 2019 BOOTH INFO 
Free Shipping
During Food Expo, exclusive free shipping code will be distributed at Saketora's booth (3C-F03). Don't miss out!
Promotion Period: 15th Aug 10:00 to 19th Aug 23:59
Tasting Popular
Sakes for Free

12 selected sakes including "Kikusui Kuramitsu", which is worth over 10,000 yen, will be showcased at Saketora's booth (3C-F03), together with free tasting sessions. Do try them and find out your favorite!

Fine Sake Awards 2019 Grand Gold Medal -
Hourai Ginjo Dento Karakuchi
Jokigen Kiss of Fire
Outstanding sake usually served at high-class events like the celebration ceremony of Louis Vuitton and the Nobel Banquet. Aromatic and fruity. Brewed with Yamadanishiki polished to 50% and aged for 3 years.
Fine Sake Awards 2019 Grand Gold Medal -
Hourai Ginjo Dento Karakuchi
Kikusui Kuramitsu
Junmai Daiginjo
Awarded Grand Gold Medal at Fine Sake Awards two years in a row. The most premium sake of Kikusui. Clean, elegant, mellow and silky.
Fine Sake Awards 2019 Grand Gold Medal -
Hourai Ginjo Dento Karakuchi
Yamazaki Distillery Reserve Suntory Casked Umeshu
Premium plum wine with the hints of whisky and a long gentle finish. Toasty and elegant.
During the expo, a price guessing game will be launched at our booth. A special product that will hit our shelves in autumn will be unveiled and you may guess its retail price on our store. The person who gets the closest answer will win a round-way ticket to Tokyo for 2!
How to Join
1. Visit Saketora’s booth
2. Scan the designated QR code
3. Guess the retail price of the item and send the answer to Saketora’s email
The person who gets the closest answer will win the contest.
Period: 15th Aug to 19th Aug
(Deadline of sending the answer is 20th Aug)
Venue: HKCEC Saketora’s booth (3C-F03)
Winner: Round-trip economy class ticket to Narita, Tokyo for 2 persons (1 winner)
Participation award: HKD 50 Saketora cash coupon (For all participants)
※Departure date has to be between 1st Sep, 2019 and 18th Dec, 2019.
The interval between outbound and inbound trip has to be within 1 week.
The results will be announced on 27th Aug at Saketora's homepage, Instagram and Facebook. The winner will be individually contacted through email and needs to provide his/ her name, contact number and email address for booking.
Remarks: The schedule of the trip has to be decided and notified to Saketora through email at least 2 weeks before departure. The decision on the flight dates has to be made by 30th Sep, 2019.
Terms and conditions
  1. Participants must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Each purchase number can only participate once.
  3. The contestant who gets the closest answer would be the winner. In the case of having 2 or more contestants who get the same closest answer, the fastest answer provider shall be the winner based on the time Saketora receive the answering email.
  4. All prizes cannot be returned and are non-exchangeable for cash and/or other gifts.
  5. Date of flight shall be based on the first email notification from the winner. No change of date is allowed.
  6. In case of any troubles affecting the trip, Saketora shall not re-issue the prize.
  7. Winners must follow the terms and conditions associated with the prizes when redeeming.
  8. In the event of any dispute, Saketora reserves the right of final decision on all matters concerning this campaign.
  9. In case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.