Most sake brewers are an artist. They like talking about dreams and philosophy, and treating their sakes as art pieces. So, when tasting a sake, it is always more fun to learn the story behind. And in Nagano, there is a sake project, “Gokujo”, that has recently caught the eyes of many sake fans. Led by 5 middle-aged brewers in pursuit of their dreams, brewing their own sakes under the same rules every year. 2022 is the 8th year of this ten-year plan. The epidemic has not hindered their commitment and determination, but aroused their enthusiasm for sake. With the theme of "handcl8pping" this year, the brewers hope that their passionate can get everyone's appreciate and hand clapping.

2 Spirits: Ambition & Terroir

Brewing Rules
Since 2015

“Gokujo”, translated as “59 Brewing”, is a 10-year project co-launched by 5 sake brands from Nagano Prefecture: Hokkou Masamune, Ikioi Masamune, Sekizen, Moto Oi No Matsu, and Fukumuryo. Their brewers were all born in Showa 59 (1984) and share the same dream – make an iconic sake of the era and promote Nagano sake to the whole Japan. So, since 2015, the project has been started with the aim of getting more people from other regions to taste Nagano sake while polishing their brewing craftsmanship. Each year, a new theme is set and each brewer produces a sake based on it with a designated Nagano rice and 59% rice polishing ratio. Since different rice is used each year, the taste also differs. Together with the meaningful concept, the project has attracted the support of many sake lovers, so every year once the new edition is released, it is gone quickly.

Enthusiasm worth applauding! Theme of 2022: Handcl8pping

The brewers believe that the passion of the brewers can be passed on to all sake lovers through sake, so that everyone can drink freely and happily. Therefore, the theme of this year's Gokujo is ''Handcl8pping''. and chooses to use ''Shirakaba Nishiki'' as as the main ingredient. With each brewer employing different brewing methods and yeasts, although the same rice is used, the taste and style of their sake is so different. As a sake lover, let’s support these 5 dreamers by tasting their sake and find out our favorite.
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Gokujo Limited Edition 2022 SET
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Hokkou Masamune, Junmai Ginjo
(2022 Limited Edition)

Refreshing sweetness and sourness with the notes of green apple and soda, the overall is well-balanced and harmonious. The main aroma is short, followed by a smooth soda ice cream-like aftertaste, which is suitable for enjoying with food.

Ikioi Masamune, Junmai Ginjo
(2022 Limited Edition)

Four-stage mashing process is used and different kinds of acids are used in koji making and culturing yeast, including lactic acid, citric acid, organic acid No. 701, etc., seeking to achieve a reconciling effect in the difference, thereby expressing that the 5 breweries of 59 brewing are different from each other but the goal is the same.

Sekizen, Junmai Ginjo
(2022 Limited Edition)

Fruity aromas with the notes of apple blossom and wild rose, the sourness is released from the soft sweetness, and the mouthfeel is refreshing and concise, with a hint of peach.

Moto Oi No Matsu, Junmai Ginjo
(2022 Limited Edition)

There are gorgeous aromas of apricots and tender grass, and various flavors coexist in a certain balance. The aftertaste is slightly long, and the feeling that it seems to be slowly ending and brings a comfortable texture.

Fukumuryo, Junmai Ginjo
(2022 Limited Edition)

Brewing while listening to Rachmaninoff's concerto, infuses artistic sense into sake to form a gorgeous and elegant supreme sake with a sweet aroma like the music.
The 5 brewers from Nagano prefecture rarely visit Tokyo, so Saketora team certainly seized the opportunity! We had an interview with them and learn about their sake making experience and philosophy. For those who want to know more about sake, watch the interview below while tasting sake!