New Debut in August
A Timeless & Long-standing Brand: Hakutaka

It is never easy for an old brand to stay afloat while trying to preserve their tradition. In recent decades, many Japanese breweries have been stuck in this dilemma. With many of them closing down or adopting new styles, it is getting harder to find a sake of excellent classy style. To let you taste an authentic and outstanding traditional sake, Saketora would like to present a timeless and long-standing brand from Hyogo Prefecture - Hakutaka.

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Appointed by the Ise Grand Shrine, Japan’s most prestigious shrine
Saketora - Hakutaka

Hakutaka enjoys a high status in the sake industry since it is the only brewery appointed by the Ise Grand Shrine, the most prestigious shrine in Japan that has a history of over 2,000 years. Established in the Nada district, one of the most reputable sake producing areas, since 1862, Hakutaka is selective in their ingredients. Mostly brewed using the A-grade Yamadanishiki and Miyamitsu, the water considered one of the best for sake production, their sakes are intense, rich and robust.

The concept of the brewery is fascinating as well. They name themselves after Hakutaka because Hakutaka, which literally means white eagle, denotes “Pure” and “Holistic”, a feeling that the brewery wants to deliver to drinkers. In order to keep the best quality, throughout the years, they only focus on producing a few items. Here are their two most premium sakes.

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Saketora - Hakutaka Junmai Daiginjo
Hakutaka Junmai Daiginjo
The same type of Junmai Daiginjo dedicated to the Ise Grand Shrine. It is complex and intense with the notes of cereal and hints of white peach and pear. Produced with the Kimoto method, it shows a prominent lactic character with cream-cheese-like aroma and a dry finish. It can be served both chilled and slightly warm.
Rice: A-Grade Yamadanishiki
Rice Polishing Rate: 50%
Serving Temperature: Chilled or Slightly Warm
Food Pairings: Beef, Stew Meat etc.
ALC: 17%
Volume: 720ML
Saketora - Daiginjo Hakutaka
Daiginjo Hakutaka
The most premium sake of Hakutaka. This Daiginjo is complex and rich with the pronounced notes of white rice, jasmine, white grapes and pears. It also shows a decent lactic character with the hints of cream cheese.
Rice: A-Grade Yamadanishiki
Rice Polishing Rate: 35%
Serving Temperature: Chilled
Food Pairings: Seafood, Steamed Chicken etc.
ALC: 17%
Volume: 720ML