The long-anticipated new product of Hakutaka, the only brewery appointed by the Ise Grand Shrine, Japan's most sacred shrine, has hit the shelves of Saketora. Hakutaka Daiginjo Aged 15, which was released for the first time this autumn in Japan, now makes it first debut overseas through Saketora. Showing honey-gold color, it is silky and delicious, beyond doubt the best gift idea for the special one.

酒虎 - 經十五年熟成 穩重中帶內涵
Aged 15 Years –
Like a Sophisticated Man
Men and sakes are sometimes alike – some, when they age, they become more charming, more irresistible. Hakutaka Daiginjo Aged 15 is exactly the case. Everything about it is just enticing, from the gold color, complex aromas to elegant mouthfeel. Surely, one will be impressed by the notes of nuts, caramel, toast and biscuit, with the lingering finish showing the hints of rice.
Rice: A-grade Yamadanishiki
Rice Polishing Rate: 35%
ALC: 16%
Volume: 720ML
Serving Temperature: Slightly chilled or room temperature
Food Pairings: Chinese food with intense flavors, nuts, dessert etc.
酒虎 - 認識熟成古酒 踏進另一境界
Deem Yourself as a Sake Lover?
Get to Know Koshu
Koshu, or aged sake, is so different from regular sakes. While most sakes are pale in color, fresh and crisp, Koshu is intense and complex with deeper yellow color and nutty aromas. In fact, Koshu is rare because, without high acidity and tannins, most sakes cannot be aged long. Also, high skills and attention are needed during maturation, or unpleasant stale aromas like cardboard may emerge in the sake. And since lots of Koshu is aged for 3 years and made from Honjozo or Junmaishu, it makes Hakutaka Daiginjo Aged 15 more special and thoughtful. Deem yourself as a sake lover? Do give a try to such a fine sake.
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