As Halloween is approaching, it is about time to host a get-together with friends. Other than getting a spooky outfit, what you need is probably to stock up on drinks for the party. Many people may go for wines, but since Halloween is about creativity, why don't you go further - try sake? Let's surprise your guests with Saketora's recommended sakes.

Saketora - Hourai Junmai-daiginjo Irootoko
Hourai, Irootoko
Junmai Daiginjo
Fruity and fresh with mild sweetness, this Junmai Daiginjo is as popular as champagne and cocktail among ladies. With its intriguing design and reasonable price, it is definitely one of the best party drinks.
Saketora - Rokkasen Hitotoki Rose
Hitotoki Rosé
This sparkling sake shows natural sweetness and tartness from rice, with refreshing bubbles produced via bottled fermentation like Champagne. Brewed using "Black Rice", it also shows charming pinkish color, which, together with its pleasant flavors, makes it one of the most ideal party drinks.
Other Suggested Party Sakes