Autumn Sake of 2019
As Autumn has arrived, many Japanese breweries have released “Hiyaoroshi”, the seasonal sake only available from September to November. Unlike regular sakes that have been pasteurized twice, “Hiyaoroshi” has just gone through once, so it presents a more refreshing and delicate mouthfeel. However, compared to “Namazake”, the sake that has never been pasteurized, it shows more roundness and silkiness, making itself in the perfect middle and well-balanced. This year, Saketora would like to bring you 3 Hiyaoroshi sakes that show distinct characters – from “Sweet”, “Crisp” to “Robust”. Do enjoy the season by picking up your favorite!

  • Kuromatsu Senjo,

    Sweet & Gentle

    Autumn sake of the exclusive brand of Saketora, "Kuromatsu Senjo". Like other sakes of the same brand, it is gently sweet and soft with the notes of steamed rice and white flower. Moderately aged, it can be served chilled and warmed. The rice flavors become more expressive when drinking warmed.


  • Sonnoh,
    Junmai Ginjo Genshu

    Elegant & Crisp

    Elegant autumn sake. Brewed at low temperature with the koji-making done by hands, it is a delicate and crisp Junmai Ginjo Genshu that shows the notes of steamed rice and young white peach. Complex, it can go well with steamed seafood and meat.


  • Kiwamihijiri,
    Ginjo Genshu

    Robust & Fulfilling

    This Ginjo Genshu is robust, intense but smooth. With the hints of melon and pear, it is high in umami, showing a rich rice character and medium dryness. It is specially recommended to those who like full-bodied sakes.


Kikusui Red Umeshu
Sake-Based, the Gentlest
Tips about Food Pairing with Hiyaoroshi
While preserving the delicateness and freshness in the sake, Hiyaoroshi is moderately aged, so it is well-balanced and goes well with the food that has mild flavors. In general, most Hiyaoroshi is brewed using the rice polished less than 60%, so it is gently fruity and medium in umami. Some simple salty dishes such as grilled fish, grilled meat and sautéed veggies are nice choices for food pairing.