Autumn Sake of 2020
As Autumn is arriving in Japan, leaves here are going to turn red and “Hiyaoroshi” have hit the market. “Hiyaoroshi”, the autumn sake only available from September to November, is unique because it is only pasteurized once and has been aged. Its mouthfeel is fresher than regular sake, yet smoother and less sharp than Namazake. This month, Saketora is brining you 3 Hiyaoroshi sakes with totally different flavors – from “melon-like”, “banana-like” to “cereal-like”. Do give them a try and find out your favorite! With special discount up to 15% now, don’t miss the opportunity!
  • saketora - suisin hiyaoroshi junmai daiginjo

    Junmai Daiginjo (Autumn Edition)

    Rich & Gentle like Ripe Banana

    Limited autumn sake of Suishin, a famous sake brewery in Hiroshima Prefecture. With the notes of ripe banana, cereal and some nuts, it is aged for a while and still developing, so it is rich, yet fresh. Only pasteurized once, it is very refreshing and can pair well with salty food like grilled salmon.


  • saketora - hiyaoroshi hourai

    Horai, Aiyama
    Junmai Daiginjo
    (Autumn Edition)

    Fruity & Sweet like Melon

    With the notes of peach, green apple, strawberries and marshmallow, this sake is fruity and sweet on the attack. With the hints of grass on the finish, the balance is excellent too. Only 1,500 bottles are produced because it is brewed using "Aiyama", a very rare rice that it took the brewery up to 3 years to purchase. Definitely unmissable for all fans of Horai.


  • saketora - suisin hiyaoroshi junmai ginjo

    Junmai Ginjo
    (Autumn Edition)

    Rich & Complex like Cereal

    Also made by Suishin, this sake is perfectly aged and more robust than the Junmai Daiginjo version, with the notes of rice, cereal, almond and pistachio. Still fresh with a dry finish, it pairs well with savory and oily food like grilled pork belly. It can be served both chilled and slightly warmed.


Saketora - Hiyaoroshi 2020 set
Autumn Sake Set 2020
There are many seasonal dishes during autumn like grilled sanma (pacific saury), mushroom rice and braised chicken with chestnuts. In addition to the above autumn sakes, Saketora has picked three more Daiginjo sakes that would pair well with these seasonal dishes. With up to 15% discount available, don’t miss out!