Oscars of the Alcohol World - IWC

Last May was full of shining stars in London. We are not talking about the famous Academy Awards but the Oscars of the wine world – International Wine Challenge (IWC).
Started since 1984, the competition has returned this year for its 36th edition. Every year, many professional sommeliers from all over the world are invited as a judge so as to find out outstanding wines for consumers. Over the last decade, with Japanese sakes getting more and more popular, the sake division has also been introduced since 2007. The judging not only involves the participation of sake professionals, but also includes some criteria of wine tasting so that it can be more holistic and credible.
This year, there were as many as 1,500 entry sakes judged by 59 professionals. 613 items were finally picked up, including 327 Bronze, 191 Silver, and only 95 Gold. Among the Gold winners, the best 23 items were chosen to be Trophy, and the best of the best will be selected as “Champion Sake” with the result published in early July.
Some award-winning items have officially hit the shelves on Saketora. Let’s meet our new super stars!

Photo from IWC official website