Known as the Oscars of the wine world, International Wine Challenge (IWC), has been held in April and has just announced its results in May. Started since 1984, this competition is joined by professional sommeliers each year to evaluate and find out outstanding wines for consumers. With sakes getting more popular, sake division has been introduced since 2007. As the evaluation includes criteria of wine tasting, the competition is considered more holistic and credible. This year, there were up to 1732 entry sakes, but only 359 bronze, 289 silver, and only 80 gold award are given. Some award-winning sakes are now available on Saketora and one of them has won the highest-grade, trophy award! Let's give them a try!

Saketora - IWC2021 AWARDED SAKE


A set of 4 IWC2022 award-winning Japanese sakes in Gingo/Daiginjo class, including a trophy winner new arrival! Suitable for both sake professionals and new comers.

Highest-grade award - The winner of Trophy
(Daiginjo category)
Saketora - IWC2021 Trophy Miyanoyuki Junmai Daiginjo Sake Tamashi

Dewazakura Daiginjo

Fruity with the notes of green apples and melons, a delicate, elegant and refreshing fruity aroma emerges from the throat. The slight sourness and the umami of sake rice are well balanced. The aftertaste is crisp and can bring out the freshness of dishes when paired with food.

3 Gold Award winning new arrivals
  • saketora - Senpuku Junmai Daiginjo Muroka Genshu

    Senpuku Junmai Daiginjo Muroka Genshu

    The first impression of a soft and delicate fragrance like a fresh apple, gradually exudes a gorgeous ginjo fragrance like blooming flowers. Elegant and light on the palate, it contains the strong sweetness and taste of the muroka genshu. The finish is refreshing and slightly sour, with a clean finish.

  • saketora - Nanbubijin Junmai Ginjo

    Junmai Ginjo

    Immediately store in the refrigerator after sterilization processing, in order to keep freshness. The overall is deep and fruity, with the notes of melon, elegant and sweet but not too strong. The umami of rice is smoothly expressed, and the slight acidity makes the aftertaste simple and refreshing.

  • saketora - Hakurei Junmai Daiginjo Hakugin-no Shizuku

    Hakurei Junmai Daiginjo Hakugin-no Shizuku

    Brewed with Yamada Nishiki from Kyoto, it has a fresh and gorgeous aroma like apple, pear, narcissus and white peach, sweet full of umami. Using soft water as ingredient, the mouthfeel is very soft and smooth. The acidity is flat and soft, and the finish is long and rich. The high quality of the sake has made it selected as the liquor served in the first-class of the international line run by famous airline.

  • Saketora - Hideyoshi Junmai Daiginjo

    Saketora - Hanamizake2021 Kasen Wajo Special Junmai

    Taiheizan Junmai-daiginjo Tenko

  • Saketora - TaiheizanJunmai-daiginjo Tenko

    Saketora - Taiheizan Junmai-daiginjo Tenko

    Azumano Fumoto, Drip-Pressed Junmai Daiginjo (Aiyama)

  • Saketora - Oimatsu Sansui Daiginjo

    Saketora - Oimatsu Sansui Daiginjo

    Junmai Daiginjo Fukuroduri

  • Saketora - Toko Junmai-ginjo Genshu

    Saketora - Toko Junmai-ginjo Genshu

    Kikusui Kuramitsu
    Junmai Daiginjo

  • Saketora - Fukuju Junmai-daiginjo Black label

    Saketora - Fukuju Junmai-daiginjo Black label

    Junmai Daiginjo 23