Chivas Regal, a famous whisky brand from Scotland, and Masuda Shuzo from Japan, two breweries are 8,888 kilometers apart and seem to have no intersection, but after the famous football player and sake enthusiast Nakata Hidetoshi's introduction, 2 breweries join hands and created a brand new Japanese sake which has broken the limitation of liquor category, national culture and geographical boundaries: LINK8888!

Chivas Regal was established in 1801 and was the first manufacturer of blended whisky in the world. After many years of producing amazing whiskey, it is even favored by the British royal family. Later, Chivas Regal set its sights on the world, and now it has become a well-known super brand for global whiskey fans.

Collaboration with 8888 kilometers

And this time, they cooperated with Masuda Shuzo to deliver whisky oak barrels that have been used for more than 12 years to Japan. Masuda Shuzo then aged their own sakes in the barrels. The combination of the two creates an innovative product that breaks the boundaries of liquor types and region limitation.

Whiskey Sake crossover

Different from traditional Japanese sake, LINK8888 is aged in whiskey barrels, so in addition to the umami of sake rice, it also emits the herbal aroma of oak barrels, so it is just like that you are having Japanese sake and whiskey at the same time.

Chivas Blending Art

In addition to the aging in wooden barrels, LINK8888 also attaches importance to Chivas Art of Blending spirit by mixing Yamadaho, Yamada Nishiki and Japanese black rice, and adds different yeasts to brew. Milky, silky and unforgettable.

Unique and innovative work,
let you feel a different Japanese sake
Even Hidetoshi Nakata also like this!

Bucket list

 High cost-performance sake 

Saketora - Tsukimi sake

Bucket list

 High cost-performance sake 

Link 8888 Junmai Daiginjo
Aged in Seavas Legal Barrels