maboroshi no taki 2023

Located in the "Ikuji" area that facing Toyama Bay in Toyama Prefecture, Mikunihare Shuzo has been brewing sake here since the year of Meiji 15 (1882). For more than 100 years, the brewery have been using the natural melted snow of the Hida Mountains as raw materials, adhering to the goal of "enjoying delicious sake every day", and brewing excellent products full of local style.
The only one in Japan!
The best water brings the best Japanese sake
Saketora - maboroshi no taki
Mikunihare Shuzo has the only water source in Japan that is included in the "100 Remarkable Waters" within the sake brewery: the "Iwase Shimizu" selected by the Ministry of the Environment as one of the "100 Remarkable Waters" from the Kurobe River. This ensures that the water used for brewing is purely natural without any pollution. The famous water comes from melted snow in the Hida Mountains, known as the "Northern Alps". It gushes out in the form of groundwater with the temperature maintained at about 13°C all year round. The mineral content is moderate, and it is delicious even if you drink it directly.

Same WATER different SAKE RICE
The sake mash is suspended in a bag and pressed by the gravity, so the sake can only be slowly collected drop by drop. Only limited quantity are brewed during special season each year, so it can said to be a rare treasure all sake lovers.
  • saketora - Mikadomatsu Junmai Ginjo Blue

    Maboroshi no taki
    Junmai Daiginjo
    Yamadanishiki Shizuku

    Brewed with soft water, the mouthfeel is refreshing and light, exuding the sweet and sour taste like pineapple and the ripe refreshing taste with the notes of passion fruit. It is light but the umami of sake rice is very pleasant.


  • saketora - KONISHI Junmai Daiginjo Blue Veluriyam

    Maboroshi no taki
    Junmai Daiginjo
    Oyamanishiki Shizuku

    Brewed under low temperature to form a sweet aroma like melon. Slightly sweet on the tip of the tongue with the notes of white grapes. Although delicate and light, the mouthfeel is firm, with a apple-like refreshing long finish.