mystery set

Did you know? Every 1st October is also known as ''Sake Day'' in Japan! This day was established in 1978 by the Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association, and it can be said that it is a festival specially designed for sake lovers. So why was 1st October chosen as the day? It turned out to have a double meaning. First, since the right side of the word "酒 - sake" is composed of "酉 - You", which represent the tenth in the sexagenary cycle,so the first day of the tenth month of the year was chosen as this special day. Second, autumn is the season of new rice harvest and the traditional start of sake brewing, so it is a special season for sake brewers. In order to celebrate this sake festival, Saketora specially launched two mystery sake sets, offering recommended sake in the form of blind boxes, the highest discount is up to 20% off the original price! You can't miss it if you love sake!
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※Items in the mystery sets are selected on a random basis. No exchange or refund will be accepted

Differences between 2 mystery sets