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Sake tips from Academy du Vin Tokyo sake lecturer, Mr. Naoya Namisato

We have all heard about Kikisakeshi, a qualified sake sommelier. The upper level is considered as Sakesho, which only accounts for 1% of the holders of Kikisakeshi and is just held by around 300 people in the world. Then, one more advanced level is SSI Laboratory Official Taster. Not only is Mr. Namisato a Sakesho, but also a SSI Taster (World No.60), which he has become since his 20s as the second youngest memeber who got this qualification. Apart from that, he is also the youngest member in the Jizake Kensho Kenkyukai, an organization formed by a group of sake professionals to taste and comment on sakes all over Japan. Besides sake, he also has a deep understanding in all kinds of alcohol. Being a sommelier certificated by Japan Sommelier Association and a HBA Cocktail Advisor, he can analyse sake in different angles and know how to suggest sakes to foreigners in accordance with their needs.

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Tasting set only for first-time purchase

Popular 720ml sake set (4 bottles)

Including 4 high-rated 720ml sakes, in addition to the worldwide famous brand 'Dassai Junmai-daiginjo 23', it also includes 'Kuromatsu-Senjo Prototype Junmai daiginjo', 'Shusen Eiko, Junmai Daiginjo, Laugh with Sake' and 'Senpuku, Junmai Daiginjo, Kura', which are most popular sakes available on Saketora. Suitable for no matter sake professionals or new comers!

Small size (300ml) set (3 bottles)

Including 3 super-popular sake in 300ml, 'Takumi Yamada Nishiki 100% Daiginjo', 'Kamotsuru Tokusei Gold 720ml' and the world-class famous brand 'Dassai Junmai-daiginjo 39'. Small amout so that you can try them all, to help you find the best sake for yourself!



Speaking of Japanese sakes
Speaking of Japanese sakes
Daiginjo class should be one of the representives!!
Free shipping set with discounts!
Free shipping set with discounts!
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The Best Sake

Many people are always looking for the best sake, but what is the "best"? It's actually hard to determine. Drinking sake is an enjoyment, and it can vary depending on the preferences of the drinker and even the occasion. Some may be looking for sake for a wedding, some for the daily drink, or some are finding the super rare sake that is limited to hundreds bottles per year. Therefore, even if a sake can get a full mark of 100 points at the evaluation from professional, it is difficult to be regarded as an absolute correct answer to every drinkers.

Meet your best sake

It is the drinker who can decide the "best sake". Friends who drink together, the food matched, the drinking occasions, there are a lot of variables and the sake that makes you the most memorable should be your best sake. To let you find out your best one, Saketora provides a wide range of sake, at the most suitable price to let you enjoy the delicious taste easily. In cooperation with the sake merchant founded in 1918, we offer quality sake at reasonable after actual tasting one by one before introducing to you.

Saketora attaches great importance to the latest trends in the sake industry, and is committed to providing the latest information on sake to you through our platform, with our sincere to every sake lovers. We hope to bring you the latest news of sake to the world with the help of the Internet.