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At the beginning of each year, queues are here, there and everywhere on the streets in Japan. And the reason behind, is the launch of lucky bags from different kinds of shops. So why is it so popular that making it a 'New Year custom' in Japan? 'Lucky bags' are said to be owned by gods and filled with good lucks. In the Edo period, some department stores made use of this myth, putting goods into the bags and selling them at discounted rates, so that customers could "luckily" buy them at favourable prices. In addition, the lucky bags are filled with unknown random contents, so every purchase makes people feel surprised. And these make lucky bags popular in Japan for many years until now.
Saketora - GI Yamagata
Suzukagawa Junmai Daiginjo 100% Yamadanishiki
To follow the Japanese new year custom, Saketora is providing three types of free-shipping lucky bags at the prices of $1,388, $3,888 and $6,888. Other than saving up to 20%, you will also receive a Japanese amulet from Sensoji Temple, Asakusa, from the lucky bag! On top of these, you would also get raffle tickets and have a chance of getting the $2,200 'Juyondai Junmai Daiginjo Hakutsuru Nishiki' (2 people)! Do not miss it!
Saketora’s lucky bag includes the following products on a random basis:
1.Dassai Junmai-daiginjo 23 720ml / 2.Dassai Junmai-daiginjo 39 720ml / 3.Ninki-Ichi, Beat Covid-19 Junmai Ginjo (Wood-barrel) 720ml / 4.Kikusui Kuramitsu Junmai Daiginjo 750ml / 5.Kuromatsu-Senjo Prototype Junmaidaiginjo 720ml /
6.aiheizan Junmai-daiginjo Tenko 720ml / 7.Kubota Manju 720ml / 8.Senpuku, Regal Daiginjo 720ml /
9.Kuromatsu Hakushika, Junmai Daiginjo 720ml / 10.Shinsei, A-ranked Junmai Daiginjo Gensu (Gold Version) 720ml /
11.Junmai-daiginjo Gifu-kyukura Tenryo 720ml /
12.Sawanotsuru, X03 Junmai Daiginjo Muroka Genshu (Unfiltered & Undiluted) 720ml /
13.Taiheizan, Tenko Junmai Daiginjo 35 720ml / 14.Jokigen, Yamahai Daiginjo (Limited Edition) 720ml /
15.Hananomai, Limited Junmai Daiginjo (Traditional Pressing) 750ml /
16.Kiwamihijiri, Junmai Daiginjo Omachi 20% Polished 720ml / 17.Sansaku Sake Cup (6 kinds of different colours) /
18.Sansaku SakeCup (3 kinds of different colours)
※Items in the lucky bags are selected on a random basis. No exchange or refund will be accepted.
Differences between lucky bags
  1. Participants must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Each raffle ticket can only participate once.
  3. Raffle tickets number would be sent through email on 7th Jan.
  4. Lucky draw results would be released on 8th Jan at Saketora homepage and seperate emails would be sent to the winners.
  5. The winners' prizes - 'Juyondai Junmai Daiginjo Hakutsuru Nishiki' would be shipped from Japan on 12th Jan.
  6. All prizes cannot be returned and are non-exchangeable for cash and/ or other gifts.
  7. Winners must follow the terms of conditions associated with the prizes when redeeming.
  8. In the event of any dispute, Saketora reserves the right of final decision on all matters concerning this campaign.
  9. In case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

Juyondai Junmai Daiginjo Hakutsuru Nishiki
Suzukagawa Junmai Ginjo Genshu
The most coveted sake brand - Juyondai
Juyondai - A sake brand that changed the drinking habit of Japanese sakes, from light and dry to the fruity Ginjo.The mouthfeel is smooth, the aroma is mild and the sweetness is light, which makes it unforgettable once you have tried. Yet, the popular Juyondai is rare in the free market and makes it become expensive or even priceless.Luckily this time, Saketora going to provide 2 bottles of 'Juyondai Junmai Daiginjo Hakutsuru Nishiki' for the lucky bag gift raffle. Interested in this premium sake? Have our lucky bag and try you luck!
Suzukagawa Junmai Daiginjo 100% Yamadanishiki