on a night like this

“On a clear, quiet starry night, you may gaze up at the moon and wish upon a star. But on a moonlit night like this, a group of animals in Nagano choose to get together and look for drinks…”

“On a night like this…” by Senjo Brewery

Situated in Nagano Prefecture, Senjo brewery has over 150 years of history. While trying to preserve the tradition, the current owner is also looking for breakthrough. In addition to their traditional signature series “Kuromatsu Senjo”, the brewery has developed another new playful line in recent years – “On a night like this…” in the concept that “4 indigenous animals in Nagano Prefecture get together for drinks on a full moon night”. Funny and romantic, it not only presents the thoughtfulness of the brewery, but is rare in the market since it is exclusive to only a few designated shops in Japan. The series includes 5 kinds of sake which, compared to traditional sake, are lighter-bodied, so it has been well received by young people and foreigners.

  • Salamander, Junmai Ginjo

    After 7 days it was pressed, this Junmai Ginjo was heated and immediately chilled, then matured at low temperature for 1-2 years. Brewed using the rare sake rice “Kimon-nishiki”, it is mildly sweet with the hints of bitterness and tartness on the finish.


  • Thunderbird, Junmai

    With the mild aromas and hints of steamed rice, this Junmai is refreshing and the most easy-drinking sake of the series. The finish, which is like thunder, is short and dry, making the sake itself go well with a wide range of cuisine.


Hitotoki Rose
Full Moon, Junmai Daiginjo
With a round mouthfeel like the full moon, this Junmai Daiginjo shows a soft attack but a full structure in the middle. Brewed using "Sankeinishiki", it is clean and well-balanced with the hints of apple and earth.

  • Yamame Fish, Junmai Ginjo

    With the elegant hints of pear and red apple, this Junmai Ginjo is floral and pleasant, showing mild umami, a refreshing finish and a good balance. It especially goes well with grilled fish and seafood.


  • Deer, Special Junmai

    Orange and deer denote freedom and passion. Like its label, this special Junmai is aromatic, fresh, complex with the notes of tropical fruit. When served warmed, it shows more aromas of milk and steamed rice, so it is especially suitable for winter.


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