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During this period of time, we all miss traveling. And those who like sake would especially miss Japan and her sake festivals. To ease your cravings, Saketora has decided to throw a series of online sake tasting events. Held on 31/7, the first round will be joined by Mr. Takashi Kurogouchi, the owner of Senjo Brewery, Nagano Prefecture, as our special guest. Apart from sharing the features of Nagano sake, he will be tasting “On a night like this…”, their popular sake line-up, and their newly awarded Daiginjo with us. We will also get useful tips about sake tasting and food pairing from him. Want to explore the world of sake? Read the following details and join us!

Event Details

Date & Time:

31/07/2020 (Fri) 20:00 – 21:30 (90 mins)



How to Participate:

Purchase the set of “On a night like this… Sake Tasting Kit”. After confirmation, the event details and zoom invitation will be sent to your registered email. During the event, the owner of Senjo Brewery, Mr. Takashi Kurogouchi, will conduct a tasting and explain the features of the 6 products in the set. All participants can taste together with the products already sent and a Saketora’s customized glass enclosed to the set. Cantonese-Japanese interpretation will be provided throughout the event.

Tasting Kit:

5 sakes of “On a night like this…”, 1 not-yet-released sake of Senjo Brewery, 2 Saketora’s customized glasses and some Japanese snacks

Concept of “On a night like this…”:

With over 150 years of history, Senjo Brewery is striving to preserve the tradition while looking for breakthrough. Besides the signature series “Kuromatsu Senjo”, they have developed another new line-up in recent years – “On a night like this…”. In the concept that 4 indigenous animals in Nagano Prefecture get together for drinks on a full moon night, the series includes 5 sakes which represent the 4 animals and moon. Together with the soft and light texture, the funny and romantic idea has especially attracted the young fans of sake.

Saketora -

1.Learn Another Side of Japan

Big cities like Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto shouldn’t be unfamiliar with you, but what about Nagano? Surrounded by the Japan Alps, it is the biggest in-land prefecture in Japan. How does the terroir influence the local food and sake culture? Senjo Brewery will let us know!

酒虎 - 今代司 純米大吟釀原酒

2.Learn Sake Tasting Directly from a Sake Brewery

Everyone can drink but not everyone can taste. How do we appreciate a sake in a more proper and fun way? Senjo Brewery will demonstrate how to conduct a tasting while sharing tips about food pairing!

酒虎 - 今代司 純米大吟釀原酒

3.Interact with a Sake Brewery with Over 150 Years of History

Already established for more than a hundred years, Senjo Brewery seems mysterious. What have they been through over the years? Why did they suddenly create “On a night like this…”? The owner will share with us the story behind. We can also ask him any questions about sake brewing!

酒虎 -

4.Be the First One to Taste the Newly Awarded Sake Not Yet Released

Besides “On a night like this…”, the set also includes a not-yet-released sake that has just won the Japan Annual Sake Awards 2020. You will be the first one to taste it while Senjo Brewery will share with us how to enjoy it.


  1. To receive the set before the launch of the event, it is suggested to place the order on or before 19/07 (Sun). However, customers who have not yet received the products can still participate in the event. Depending on the traffic situation in Hong Kong, delivery delays may occur. Your understanding is highly appreciated.
  2. It is suggested not to open the sake until the start of the event lest the quality is influenced. Please chill the sake at least 8 hours before the event starts.
  3. To better explain sake and food pairing, some snacks will be enclosed to the set. It is suggested not to open them until the event starts. You are also welcome to choose whatever you like to pair with the sake during the event.
  4. The purpose of the event is to share the joy of sake. Participants do not need any knowledge about sake. Anyone above 18 years old is welcome to join.
  5. Q&A session will be held during the event. You may send your questions to us through Facebook or email in advance or via the chatroom of Zoom at the event. Saketora will select some and ask Mr. Takashi Kurogouchi.