Probably because it originated in Japan or it looks too pale, many people only pair sake with Japanese cuisine. However, sake has much more potential than we are conceiving. Indeed, there are more and more Western and Chinese restaurants in the world adopting it on the menu. Some Southeast Asian and Mexican dining places in Tokyo have also been advocating matching their dishes with sake. Would like to know how to pair sake with food? Let’s check the 7 basic tips below.

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TIP 1. Sweet Food with Sweet Sake

TIP 2. Spicy Food with Dry Rich Sake

TIP 3. Savory Food with Dry Sake

TIP 4. Heavy Food with Rich Sake

TIP 5. Umami Food with Light Crisp Sake

TIP 6. Light Food with Light Crisp Sake

TIP 7. Oily Food with Acid Sake

No doubt, there will be a long list of other dishes that can go well with sake.
Do explore more and go on the adventure of sake and food pairings!

List of Food Pairing Contents