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Hourai Chougin Shizuku 720ml

Hourai Chougin Shizuku 720ml

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"Chogin-Shizuku" is the limited premium sake of "Horai", the famous sake brand of "Watanabe Brewery" located in Hida City, Gifu Prefecture. Drip-pressed, the essence of the sake is slowly collected in the most natural way, so the mouthfeel is elegant and delicate with soft fragrance and complexity. With the excellent quality, it has received positive comments and awards worldwide. In 2016, it even became the first Daiginjo sake winning the Superior Taste Award (Three Star) at the International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI), a global association which evalutes the quality of food and beverages.

Gold at 2017 Monde Selection (16 consecutive years)
High Quality Trophy at 2016 Monde Selection
Superior Taste Award (Three Star) at 2016 iTQi
Gold at 2015 Fine Sake Award
Crystal Prestige Trophy at 2015 Monde Selection
Gold at 2015 World Wine Champion
Gold at 2015 BTI World Champion

Highlight of Watanabe Brewery
When making their sake, Watanabe Brewery adopts the medium hard water from the Hida Moutains. Full of ideal minerals, this water has led to the round and refreshing mouthfeel of Horai sake. Together with the local rice "Hida Homare", their sake is famous for being mellow and sweet. Up until now, they still insist on making sake by hand, so each of their products shows strong characteristics and is very limited.

Suigei Junmai-ginjoBizen Omachi

Suigei Junmai-ginjoBizen Omachi 720ml

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Brewed using 100% Bizen Omachi, this Junmai Gingo is one of the signature sakes of Suigei Brewery, showing richness, complexity and uniqueness. Due to the difficulties in cultivation, Omachi is rare enough; however, with the polishing rate reaching 50%, this sake becomes even more uncommon and precious. Slowly fermented, it is rich in flavors of rice with a soft attack followed by a mildly tart and refreshing aftertaste .

This sake can be served chilled and warmed. When served chilled or at room temperature, the mouthfeel is even more delicate. With the abundant umami and good balance, it demonstrates the sophisticated craftmanship of Suigei Brewery.

Hightlights of Suigei Brewery
Located in Kochi Prefecture, Suigei Brewery adopts the water from the moutains in northern region. Surrounded by mountains and far from the city, the water is exceptionally clean and beautiful, without any undesirable substances for sake brewing. The sake of Suigei is thus famous for a crisp and pleasant mouthfeel. Together with the abundant umami, gentle aromas and mild tartness, their sake can pair well with a wide range of cuisine, bringing out the subtle flavors in food.

Kiwamihijiri Daiginjo Mukashishibori Tobindori 720ml

Kiwamihijiri Daiginjo Mukashishibori Tobindori 720ml

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"Mukashi Shibori Do Bindori" is a limited premium Daiginjo of Miyashita Brewery located in Okayama Prefecture. The brewery is prestigious and won gold prizes in the Annual Japan Sake Awards for 8 consecutive years. Under the guidance of the sake brewing master, Mr. Nakahama Akio, this sake is fermented slowly at low temperature, featuring with a good balance, pleasant freshness and roundness. It also shows elegant aromas and rich fruitiness, with a dry and mildly bitter aftertaste. It can be served both chilled and warmed.

Gold at 2018 Fine Sake Award (Daiginjo Category) Gold at 2018 SAKE COMPETION
Grand Gold at 2017 Fine Sake Award (Daiginjo Category)

Hightlights of Miyashita Brewery
Established in 1915, Miyashita Brewery is currently located in Okyama City, with more than a 100-year history. They adopt the water from Asahi River, one of the three major rivers in the region, which is stunningly clean and desirable for sake brewing. In ancient Japanese literature, some poets would refer "Good Sake" to "Saint". Their brand of sake is thus named after, "Kiwami-Hijiri", which literally means "the Greatest Saint" and denotes "the Best Sake". Their name definitely reflects what they have been pursuing at all times - they have become a regular gold prize winner at the Annaul Japan Sake Awards since 1989.