Coming to May, it is Japan’s annual Golden Week holiday! Although it may not be possible to take a holiday just like Japanese, you can still enjoy sake as they do! Saketora is having a lucky draw providing rich prizes to all of you; in additon to the cute cat sake ''Ninki-Ichi Gold-Ninki Junmai-daiginjo'', you may also have a chance to get a pair of temperature-sensitive colour changing sake cup ''Blue Fuji Set'' or free shipping discount! Let's try your luck!

Saketora - roulette
You may get:
①Ninki-Ichi Gold-Ninki Junmai-daiginjo x1
②Temperature-sensitive colour changing sake cup ''Blue Fuji Set'' x1
③Free shipping discount

※Event period from 2023/4/27 12:00 noon to 2024/5/14 11:59pm.
※You can only participate once per day and the lucky draw page would only be shown per 24 hours.
※To redeem the prize, you need to put the coupon code at the cart page, prizes would not be shown in the page but will be automatically added to your order.