sakagura ranking 2022

There are so many kinds of Japanese sake, and the number of breweries has already exceed 1,500. So which sake brewery is the best one? Since everyone has their own subjective preferences, so it seems difficult to make a final decision. In view of this, the sake related association "Sakebunka Institute, Inc." has been holding the "World Sakekura Ranking" since 2019, in order to find out the answer objectively. The selection method is very simple: points are added to the brewery according to the number of winning sakes in each competitions. For example, if a sake brewery wins the gold medal in the "Annual Japan Sake Awards", the sake brewery will get 70 points; a gold medal in "Kura Master", the brewery will get 50 points and so on. Finally, all the scores are added up to get the total score of each sake brewery, so as to compare the total scores of different sake breweries in each competition.
The results of this year have been announced on 12/6. Many of the top 50 sake breweries are the popular brands of Saketora, and among them. Let's take a look at which other sake breweries have also achieved good results!

No.2 - Shimizu Seizaburo Shoten
Saketora - Yamazaki Umeshu 2021 Special Limited Version Saketora - Yamazaki Umeshu 2021 Special Limited Version
Saketora - Yamazaki Umeshu 2021 Special Limited Version Saketora - Yamazaki Umeshu 2021 Special Limited Version

The super popular sake brand ''Zaku'' and the sister brand ''Suzukagawa'' are always providing high quality sakes and this time it won the second place. Well deserved!

  • saketora - Zaku

  • saketora - Zaku miyabino tomo nakadori

No.4 - Watanabe Shuzouten
Saketora - Yamazaki Umeshu 2021 Special Limited Version
The popular sake brewery lacated in Gifu Prefecture, well-known with the innovative style and surprising ideas, making it become popular among the sake fans. Always awarded in different sake contests and this time has become one of the best 5 sake breweries!
  • saketora - Hourai Irootoko

  • saketora - Hourai Gokuiden

No.7 - Dewazakura sake brewery
Saketora - Yamazaki Umeshu 2021 Special Limited Version

Since its establishment in the Meiji era, Dewazakura has been insisting on hand-making sake. It has won the Gold Award at the Annual Japan Sake Awards for 12 consecutive years. Among them, "Ouka Ginjo" is a development sample of the aroma components of the world famous brand SK-II.

  • saketora - Dewazakura yukimegami 35

  • saketora - Ouka Daiginjo

No.8 - Nanbu Bijin
Saketora - Yamazaki Umeshu 2021 Special Limited Version
This long-established sake brewery with a history of more than one hundred years is located in Iwate Prefecture in the northeast of Japan. It has always emphasized the local terroir and most of its works are brewed with local ingredients. The brewery has won numerous awards, and even provides the sakes for first-class cabin of the top class airline.
  • saketora - Nanbubijin Daiginjo

  • saketora -Nanbubijin Junmai Ginjo

  • No.14
    Ninki Inc.

    saketora - Ninki Inc

  • No.21
    Miyake Honten

    saketora - Miyake Honten

  • No.25
    Endo Brewery

    saketora - Endo Brewery

  • No.29
    Hakutsuru Sake Brewing

    saketora - Hakutsuru Sake Brewing

  • No.30
    Okunomatsu Sake Brewery

    saketora - Okunomatsu Sake Brewery

  • No.34
    Azumanofumoto Sake Brewery

    saketora - Azumanofumoto Sake Brewery

  • No.40
    DHC Shuzo

    saketora - DHC Shuzo